Meeting our clients’ expectations is the maximum recognition of the highest quality of the finishing achieved with our machines. But as actions speak louder than words, please, see our machines during processing: results speak for themselves!

Have a good vision!

Working fields of our machines

Our machines and their working fields

Overview of some of our machines

PN25 + PN36

PN 25 and PN36 Sanding machines during the working of large dimensions work pieces.

PN25 + GROTOS 18000

Working of panels with to-and-fro automatic cycle; working table positioning for the working of different thicknesses.
Grotos 18000 during the working of a meeting table with high gloss finishing “mirror effect”

PN SP Brushing Machine

Brushing machine 1 roller with programmable working cycles for top quality high gloss finishing.


Abrasive belt replacing – Panels working

PN 25

The machine is equipped with two series of independent multiple pads which allow very fine tolerances, even on imperfect panels. Each pad, which floats in any direction, has a soft rubber shoe which will follow the undulations in the panels which other machines cannot sand.

The machine is suitable for sanding square and rectangular shapes; for round, oval or windowed perimeters it is necessary an electronic plant with proper sensors  that control the pads lifting /lowering  according to the shape to be machined.

Wardrobe doors sanding, to-and-fro cycle 

Machine equipments and particulars

Machine programming, working table positioning for higher thickness. – Working of a large round table

Working of an oval table. Particulars of the pads during the working

 Wardrobe doors working

Working of some work pieces all together at the same time. – Particulars of the pads lowering


Semiautomatic pneumatic sanding machine for wood, paints, polyester and aliied products, 1 or 2 abrasive belts.
Indipendent pads with adjustable pressures that make it possible to work at very low pressures and to achieve top quality finishing

Panels working


The transversal belts automatic sanding machine PN 20 summarizes all the most innovative technologies and a new, extremely simple conception for an extraordinary finishing. The pressure system “SM”, maximum sensitivity, allows to work at very light pressures.

Particulars of the machine during working