It was 1959 when Pietro and Vittorio Nerli set up OFFICINE MECCANICHE NERLI snc that continues the tradition of Nerli Liberale & Sons, established in 1945.

Family Nerli has been working in mechanical constructions since the very beginning and already in 1948 manufactured the first traditional woodworking machines.

In 1958 Nerli started a design that had been entertained for years: to manufacture sanding machines of new generation , extraordinarily reliable and stout with a very special added value: the high quality of the machined product.

It was the beginning of Nerli ’s story, that had in the following years the first successes and met with the approval of a large group of joiners: Nerli ’s sanding machines asserted themselves as high quality machines both for their structure and for their tested reliability and technology, thanks to the constant research for the achievement of the highest standards of sanding.



Nerli observe, listen to, improve the experience of that ones who work with their machines. It is the ‘mechanism’ that enriches the quality of sanding and especially the brushed bright product.

This is Nerli ‘s policy: an innovative spirit and passion for technology inside an unmistakable machine. A perfect and balanced synthesis thought by those ones who want a superior product, turn every requirement into enduring sanding machines: an incomparable sanding guaranteed from the combination of technology, stoutness and quality of the machine structure itself.

Nerli manufacture sanding machines for every requirement and typology of material: they accept every challenge for sake of constructions.



NERLI OFFICINE MECCANICHE has been working in the field of mechanical constructions for over 50 years and is now able to design and manufacture independently any kind of machine, even if sanding machines and brushing machines ever represent the excellence of our production.

Our company operates on a surface of 10.000 square meters of which 2.800 are covered.

Our factory is equipped with bridge cranes for handling machines and work pieces up to 10 tons as well as all those machine tools that allow us to manufacture completely our machines inside the factory itself, from carpentry to machining with CNC machines. We oversee the different phases of the machines’ construction to the last detail, from design to testing, with a synergistic effort for the achievement of the qualitative excellence of the product.

Nerli Officine Meccaniche can boast today a clientele of international renown and the recognition of all our efforts in these last years for a constant progress directed to the best quality target.